Hair & Skin Update

imageI thought I would post these photos since washing my hair tonight after doing a coconut oil treatment on it and then blow drying it and flat-ironing it. It really does look amazing when you think about where I started from. Basically a buzzed head only a few years ago. I went from basically pixie hair.

Seen here


To below


Sorry about the no makeup in these first photos.


Makeup below


I also wanted to let everyone know about my new skin cleaning method. Which is washing my face morning and night with nothing but coconut oil. I also use it as a zit zapper which seems to be making it better. I wash with warm water and taking a good amount of coconut oil which I warm in my hands then rub it all over and then splash water on and rub then I pat dry.

Also when removing my makeup I also use coconut oil as well. Honestly I don’t find that my face is overly dry as it moisturizes as well so no need for cream after. It really removes all makeup which is great. I also think my makeup goes on better which is great.

I’ll do another hair up date come April so keep an eye out for that.

Over & Out

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