Do You Ever Have An Itch?


That needs to be scratched. Two weeks ago I had an itch, the thought crossed my mind and I realized it’s been a while since I’ve had any passion. I get bombarded by messages online by guys who wanna give me action it’s pretty crazy. But you want to know something I dislike having sex with new people and would rather sleep with someone I already know. And yet I hate causal sex and fwb but at the same time I’d like to know the person as well. And sometimes you just need to get some.

So I’m friends with this one guy I’ve known for I think two years now. We had hooked up earlier in the year. Remember when I got together with the Russian Prince well that time was crazy hot but was on a Saturday and well that following Monday I had my itch scratched by this guy I know.  Let’s just call him Mr Itch lol. Anywho we were supposed to get together a few times since the last but either I was to tired or not in the mood.

But I texted him last week and said I had an itch and I needed him to scratch it. He told me when he would be in town next. Because he’s been working out of town the last little bit. And we would get together. I got ready for him. In the afternoon I had done a coconut oil treatment on my hair. Then washed it blow dried it and flat ironed it. I also put on some makeup so I looked put together. I also threw on some sexy lingerie and put a fuzzy robe over top. Lit a scented candle put on my battery operated tea lights.

Got the bed prepared and the other things out on the night stand so they were handy to grab. I put some music on. But as I was waiting for him he sends me a text saying to let him in cause he’s buzzed but apparently since getting rid my my home phone the buzzer now no longer works. Though it did for a while when I ended the services. Thankfully I did not have to throw on some clothes and go let him into the building because someone did.

Mr Itch came in we hugged. Diva gave him shit lol as she always does with people. I got him a glass of water and we talked for a little bit before getting busy. I have to say this second time of sleeping together it was better than the first time. Also I’m not super sore like I was before. Sometimes when I have had sex my whole body aches the next day. But not this time which I’m thankful for. Nothing is worse than literally being sore the next day and feeling like you did a crazy workout haha.

Anywho as much as I dislike casual sex or fwb in this situation sometimes you just need some and it’s nice to be able to do it with someone you have some history with. So you don’t feel completely bad about it when you have those one night stands and never see the person again. Because those suck the most lmao.

So yea I had fun last night and it was a lot better than the first time we hooked up. Also he’s really goodlooking younger hehe he’s 27 oh and he’s tall with a nice body too just saying is all haha. Anyways I’ll talk to you all later.

Over & Out


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