First Dates


So it’s been a while since I’ve gone on a date and guess what? I’m going on a date tonight. This guy I had spoken to in the summer time on an app. But for a few reasons did not meet him giving that he was looking for something other then dating at the time but his personality I liked. Well we ended up matching on Tinder and he gave me his number and we got to talking. The other night we talked for two hours on the phone. And we have quite a few things in common. Also he’s 34 he’s my height at 6’2. He drives, he lives alone and he’s really easy to talk too. And also has good looks.

He’s picking me up tonight around 7:30pm we’re going for drinks to a near by place close to me. And yea I’m sorta looking forward to tonight’s date. Even though I shouldn’t be because we all know if it does not happen I’ll just bitch about it tomorrow most likely but nonetheless I’m excited because it’s been a while that Ive gone on a date. I’ll order my usual a glass of Pinot Grigio. And stick to one glass. And because he’s my height I plan to wear my red boots they have a little bit of a heel.

We already spoke this morning and yeah I’m looking forward to tonight hopefully it won’t be piss ass raining since there calling for it this afternoon.

Wish me luck ;).


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