Facial Hair On Men


So I have to confess I have a thing for men and facial hair I dunno what that’s about but it’s my new sexy feature that I’m just loving. He’ll the more the better. It’s like the more rugged they look the more I’m attracted to them. I think because it makes them look more masculine and manly to me.

Of course they have to have a look about them to go with the facial hair. For example the fellow I had my date with last night was tall standing at 6’2 naturally fit he had a bald head with a full on beard but well groomed. Just his over all attire and the way he carried him self I was all about. Infact if we were not out at a bar I might have jumped his bones that’s how much I was into him haha. But as the lady that I am I behaved.

All I know is I’m really loving men with facial hair any where from peach fuzz to 5:00 shadow, to Mr Jake Gyllenhaal’s to a more bushy but groomed beard.

Do you like men with facial hair? Comment below!



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