The Quest To Perfection

Does not exist when it comes to dating and finding the right person for you. Disney has fucked every single persons dream to finding her prince or princess up. I’ve written about not settling and I’ve written about not liking smokers. But I’ve also written about finding someone tall and someone who can make me laugh and someone who’s in shape and so on and so forth.

Minius bad habits that people can stop or over come such as smoking or just accepting if they meet other things on your list. Here is my checklist that some people seem to think is not reachable. Though I digress.

  1. Tall: taller than 5’11 ideally
  2. Physically fit: love muscles though it can mean naturally or from a gym
  3. Hair or bald: not totally picky on that.
  4. Eye color: not impotent
  5. Skin colour: also not important
  6. Personality: someone who can make me laugh
  7. Honesty
  8. Loyal
  9. Loving
  10. Gentlemen

How is this check list over the top? I like tall men. I think this stems from being short when growing up and loving the masculinity of being protected same thing when a man has muscles it makes me feel protected as well that is what sexually turns my crank. As for the height and muscles the rest of my check list is pretty normal. Sure I’m not a lover of guys who smoke but and I mean a big ass butt. If I met someone (which I have) and they meet everything on my list the smoking thing I’ll accept. Because I’m interested to see where things will go with this guy. And though I’m not a fan of smoking when I was in his company I never smelled it nor did I taste it when we had our good night kiss.

I’m interested to see where this will go and we have a second date set up for next week. In a perfect world the smoking would be not a part of him. But he’s my height, great smile, a true gentleman in every sense. And we’re excited to see each other again. And I’m hopeful.

Anyways back to my post at hand. Do you have a check list like mine? And do some of your friends think it’s over the top or do you your self also have a list of qualities you are seeking when you do dating or the type of person that you are looking for?.

Share your comments below.


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