Hey Shorty

I’m not sure why this is but I can’t find guys to date that are my height for the life of me or even taller but the short guys are everywhere. Since joining Okcupid again, I had coffee with someone last night he’s 5’8, totally not into him except as friends not remoultly attracted to him either and that’s totally okay. Id love to date someone that’s like 6’2 or taller. I just can’t seem to land a guy that’s that height.

I wonder if there is a dating site for tall people I should do a Google and see.

And the search continues.


He’s Back LOL

So he’s back yup that’s right he called me today some how got through and by passed my block feature. Can’t say he’s not persistent that’s for sure. Anyways if you are wondering who I’m talking about it would be Mr Game Player as I called him in my last post.

I took the call because I was not looking at my phone I was walking my dog and listening to music and the call came through so I took it not thinking it was him. Though I have to confess he has been on my mind for whatever reason. Anywho I took the call and he said he was in the area and wanted to meet me for coffee so I said fine. Honestly I’ve been curious about this guy ever since we started speaking.

We met for coffee finally and he’s way cuter in person. We vibe really well together too and of course I gave him shit for being so annoying. Turns out we mesh really well. Also turns out he’s not dating that other person they are just fwb. We got a lot of things out in the open and it’s good.

Id like to see him again. Hopefully there won’t be any more BS. Keeping an open mind.

Guys are funny creatures lol

Bye Tinder


Yup I did it I left the last of the dating apps. For now not sure how long it will last I might even sign back into Okcupid and give that place another shot. And just leave it at that. Maybe the new method is to use one app at a time instead of being on a bunch at the same time, Oh wait I did that I left the others and just stuck to Tinder lol. I think if you use more then one app or site at the same time it shows other people just how desperate you are. Because you see all the same people on every app & site so if you use one outlet at a time maybe it won’t look so bad.

Heck maybe I’ll have better luck this time around on Okcupid. I know that if I totally give up I may never meet the love of my life and so I should put my self out there at least a little bit. Tinder though really isn’t the place to meet Mr Forever more like Mr Right Now. And quite honestly swiping gets really boring super fast.

So my plan is to go back to Okcupid where I originally met my ex from April and other people I met face to face and see what happens from that. Of course I will keep everyone posted in the dating category on my blog here.

Over & Out

Old Navy – Original Straight Jeans


So I bought this pair of jeans ordered them online in a size 2 Tall. They have 2% spandex they come in three colors this is the second color so it’s not super dark but not super light either. The only reason I bought them is because they had my size. I haven’t worn straight jeans in I don’t know how many years. And if it was up to me I would have gotten boot cut or skinny but again they did not have my size in those styles. In fact they don’t carry size 2 in Tall in those two styles at all that I tried to find.

I did call to complain and then Old Navy told metoo email there customer service which I did and their response was basically sorry but there is nothing we can do at this time. Maybe make more size 2s in tall ? Lol. So now I’m just going to have to keep an eye out every so often and hope I can land a few more in different styles so I can change it up. At least a pair in the boot cut and skinny one of each in their Original Styles. Since it has taken over their Diva and Flirt range.

The jeans fit nicely and they are mid rise. I think they have to much strech in them personally but if I gain a pound or two it won’t be that bad in them. They are very soft which I like and they fit well. I hope they won’t get loose over time from normal wear but we shall see down the road. And I’m able to fit yoga pants underneath if needed be for extra warmth.

I know before I was loving boot cut and skinny I wore straight jeans all the time but then they came out with boot cut and I loved those. And then they came out with skinny and that’s all I bought. And now it’s back to straight but only because that’s all I can get lol. As for they I mean the fashion  Industry not so much Old Navy just thought I’d point that out.

What style of jeans do you love?

Big Thankyou



To the 300 subscribers who are now following my blog. Thankyou so much it’s been a crazy ride and many blog posts written and time spent sharing my thoughts. Thankyou to everyone who has left comments or shared my blog to others. Thankyou for following along in my crazy life and a big thanks to all of my beauty followers. I know I get a lot of hits with my beauty posts so Thankyou.

I don’t get paid for blogging. I don’t have products sent to me. I blog for the simple enjoyment of it and sharing my thoughts and life experiences and thoughts. I mainly do it for therapeutic reasons and to get things out of my head. I would still blog even if nobody read it.

Again Thankyou everyone who has followed me or read a post or commented.

Biggest Pet Peeve


I’m sure I’m not alone on this one and everyone’s excuse is always the same “I’m busy” “I’m super busy” “I work long hours” “I work 7 days a week” “I’m so tired” “I promise I will from now on” Or some other lame ass excuse on why they can’t reach out to you first to see how you’re doing. There so fucking busy all the time that they just can’t shoot you a text to say hey how are you doing?.

But you know full well if they have time to use a bathroom or update their Facebook or any other  social platform and there fingers aren’t broken to do those things they can sure as well shoot over a text or quickly call you to say “Hey how are you doing?. I really hate always being the one to reach out. I almost wonder sometimes if I just suddenly stopped being the one to reach out if they would even notice.

The world has become such a disconnected Society. People are always to busy to reach out to others but they find the time to update their  social platforms pretty easily. What gives? No really why can’t you just say Hello how are you? And yet you can tag my name in a stupid ass post and leave stupid ass comments on it but your to busy to shoot me a text or call my ass up. Like seriously and yet I want you as a friend why?.

My new year resolution is to stop reaching out to those people. If I don’t like what you tagged me in or don’t text you or call you it’s because you’re an idiot and you need a fucking wake up call. The internet is not real life and if you want to keep your friends close reach out every so often and touch base. It won’t hurt you. You won’t break a finger. And you’re not so fucking busy that you can’t reach out from time to time. If you can update Facebook or Twitter or any other social platform en you can sure as hell reach out to me and say hi. It won’t kill you, you won’t die from it and if this is something you really can’t do then we are not as good of friends as I thought we were.

This of course does not apply to friends I have in Facebook who do not have my number but it does reach to you who have Facebook messenger and can send me a personal message from time to time. Of course this is only going to people who never message me like ever. Moving on this is the biggest Pet Peeve I have. And I know I should just accept people for people and accept this is how they are but its fucking annoying as all hell and I’m tired of always being the one to reach out to these So called busy ass people. Maybe it will be different when I’m working full time and then I too can retort back and say “Oh I’m so sorry I’m just to busy but not to busy that I can update my Facebook, sorry Hunny but if you call I’ll talk to you” Bitch Please I ain’t lowering my self to that stupid ass lazy fucking level nor will I ever stoop to be that kind of a person. Even if I’m busier then all hell I’ll still make time for my friends and see how they are doing because that is just the type of person I am.

Big Thankyou to the people who wished me a happy birthday or who reach out to me from time to time to see how I’m doing. It shows who cares and who is amazing even when I know they are super busy.

As for the rest of you bitches Bye Felicia 


Getting bored of tinder

As well as bored of being single. So Tinder is the only dating app I’m using at the moment and I’m thinking of leaving it for a while. I’ve left all the other ones I was using but kept Tinder but honestly I’m getting bored of it. So funny thing I downloaded it onto my iPad mini and left it off of my iPhone. Yup it’s true you can down load iPhone apps onto your iPad evil grin 😈. And so because it’s just on my iPad when I turn it off I don’t get notified of new messages and till I turn back on my iPad. I think it helps with taking a break as well by not logging onto it.

But yea I’m getting bored of this whole online dating crap. It happens to me from time to time, I leave and then go back to it after a while. It’s just annoying you know what I mean?. What I also find sorta funny okay not really more depressing but whatever is when ever I split with a guy I’ve dated for a while they always end up in new relationships and I’m always the single one left. It’s like fucked up karma or something like you let go of someone and bam now your alone sucker. I’m not meaning for this to come off like a pity me post but single hood sucks.

Also single hood and dating sucks. Dating in general just sucks in this day and age we are in. It’s all texting and hooking up, to meet anyone decent these days does not really exist so much. Sex is easy to find. I want quality not quantity that’s what I tell people. But also having my other qualities that I like in a man to be in just one person is easier said then done. As it is for I think most people.

Also the games people play online slays me why anyone would waste people’s time like they do. It’s like why what are you getting out of it. The amount of bs we have to go through just to find decent people is totally annoying as all hell. It’s like kissing frogs to find the Prince Charming only in this age it’s going through all the creeps to get someone good. And then the good guy sometimes turns out to be a creep or an asshole or a douch. Or the guy who agrees with you on why are guys so dumb and end up being the same as you describe to them which also slays me.

And so this is why I’m getting tired and bored and just annoyed with Tinder and every other dating app or website that is out there. And though these are all free I did spend money once on Match.com for a three month deal and was also let down. Maybe it’s a cards thing or a timing thing or a not your time thing I have no idea anymore but I’m tired of being single and I’m tired of online bs. The joys of dating in this day and age NOT.

Over & Out