My Halloween Nightmare

I wish this story was not real I wish it never happened and I wish I could fall asleep better than I am right now but unfortunately that is not the case.

I went to bed early Saturday night after watching all my fave shows that I had taped last week. The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and How To Get Away With Murder. At around midnight I was awoken by a knock on my door. I looked through my peephole and saw this tall black guy standing there. I spoke out saying wrong apartment and to go away.

I then go back to bed or try to. 15 minutes later a knock on the door again only this time a turn of the handle. Again I jumped out a bed yelled loader saying what I said before and the guy walks away. I called security to then them taking my info and said if I felt unsafe to call the cops. So I called the cops they took my I do down and said due to it being a busy night there was probably nobody to come check but if the guy shows up again to call back.

15 minutes came and again knock and raddled the door handle. This time I snapped yelled and the guy took off. I called back security and I waited. At around 1am I get a knock and this time it was Ottawa Police three cops came. Took my statement and said they would look around the building. Also told me if he comes back a fourth time to call 911 and that they would be in the area.

Since this happening Saturday night my nerves are so shot. Took me an hour to fall asleep last night. I’ve talked to a few people today to get cameras installed on my floor. But to also try to get another transfer done because now I don’t feel safe what’s so ever living here. And that they better fucking make it happen. Now that I’ve had the police called and security there’s now a reason to move me. So again I’ll have to sit in front of a board but this time I’m telling them straight up you better move me. What more proof do you need, me to be killed or something?.

I’m going to see my shrink this week and I’m going to ask him about putting me on something to calm my anxiety when its super high something I can take but not all the time. And something that will calm my nerves right away. I also spoke to someone who’s in the building that’s part of another organization  and she said she would look into more things. Like I said to her today I’m dreading going to sleep that’s how shot my nerves are. I’m just over it and I’m not sure how much more I can take.

I can be very strong at times but this is just bullshit.

That’s the latest with that.

Hope everyone’s Halloween was better than mine.


5 thoughts on “My Halloween Nightmare

  1. OK, if this happened to me the first thing I would do is pack an overnight bag and take myself and my dog to Mom and Dad’s for the night. The second thing I would do is go back to the apartment the next day with my Dad and pack more stuff and stay away at least until I started to feel more secure. in fact, I might NEVER go back honestly, just move back home until I can find a new place. This is NOT cool and you shouldn’t stay there if you don’t feel safe. Your personal safety is nothing to mess around with, and your health matters too and I personally could not sleep there at least not without someone else staying with me. So I guess if I decided to stay I would only do so if someone else will stay with me!

    1. If only that was an option I’d take it. Going back home for a few days that is. Tho a transfer I hope works out this time, and they are going to be putting a camera on the floor but even still. I’m going to make it very clear they better transfer me now that I’ve had to call the freaking police and security what’s next me being murdered for them to do anything. Pisses me off.

      1. Oh, I thought it would be easier to stay with your folks for a few days. 😦 Sorry that’s not an option. I would at least put some furniture in front of that damn door!!

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