I picked this up at my drug store yesterday. My hair has decided it’s no longer a fan of the curl activator by AG. So I saw this and thought why not give it a shot. I read the reviews on the John Frida site  and this morning I thought I would give it a spin. I washed my hair like I always do and towel dried my hair I sprayed this stuff in as well into my hands and ran my hands through my hair.

As other reviewers said the spray top sucks and it’s kind of annoying to use. They need a better bottle I think but anyways. I let my hair air dry and I have to say I’m not loving my hair. You will see why below.


I can’t say it’s fixed the frizz part but it’s better than it was I suppose. Though I can’t say it’s made my curls better which it has not. It has not defined them either like it says it will. But it’s not sticky nor crunchy so I guess that’s true. I do know though that I won’t be going on my date tonight with this hair lol. I’ll be running my hot curl brush through it and it will look a million times better. And yes though my wavy curl hot mess of hair looks uglylier then crap at least it holds a curl really good that I don’t have to use hair spray in it lol.

I had run my hot curl brush through it last week. Then slept on it and my hair still looked some what good the next day. So I guess I have that going for me at least.

Anywho try this product if you want. It might work for you. But for me I’m glad I did not buy it at full price. Thank god for sales.

Over & Out


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