When Music Brings You Back To A Memory

Do some songs stand out to you more than others?. Do those songs bring you back to a time in your life where you know what you were doing or where you were?. There are a few songs and artists that do that to me. For instance I’ve started to down load from Itunes my favourite trance music. Solar Stone you can buy their music on Itunes I suggest getting all four volumes from 1 to 4. There pretty cheap albums but my fave tracks are The Calling, Seven Cities, and a few others.

I remember dating this guy way before my transition had started his name was Marc Leduc he was an Olympic Athlete. And he lived in a loft in Toronto. I would have Seven Cities playing and the cross breeze from all the windows open it was very magical. I lived with him for a short period. And loved when the music would be playing and it just brings back good memories.

Marc Leduc has since passed away RIP.


Same thing with some of Madonnas music. I remember being in Toronto and had stayed up all night long talking to my friend Andy at the time about life and well Madonna of course. The Album Erotica brings back memories. Same with other tracks from her other albums. Brings back memories of hanging out with my friend Paul. We went to Much Music which is in Toronto to try and see Madonna when she was there in the early 2000’s might have been in 1999 as well not 100% sure lol.

Or Sarah McLachlans album Remixed which you can also get on ITunes. That album I remember bringing it to a guys house. Again this was way before I started my transition. And we basically fucked to it and then the next day 9/11 happened it was early morning and he had the news on and that was just totally messed up.

It’s really amazing what a song can do to jog a memory. And what music you are attracted too. The ones that pull on your inner memories and heart-strings. The funny thing about music and what memories it jogs.

Over & Out


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