Winter Boots

Winter will be upon us here in Canada’s Capital soon enough and I have needed some new winter boots for quite some time. The winter boots I had been sporting for the last maybe four years or more were Blondo boots which were great at the time but the last few winters my toes have always been cold. I’m not able to fit an extra foot bed in the boot and good luck trying to wear double socks because I’ve tried and my toes end up being squished. They were great boots but now it’s time to let them go.

Payless Shoes I’ve always liked, some styles more than others but I’ve always had some success in finding foot wear there. Also the quality has improved over the years which means the prices have also gone up. But for my big old feet they carry for the most part a good selection. Some styles I wish they had in my size but it’s kind of a crap shoot from store to store because some locations have better selections then others.

I had found a pair of winter boots online and my folks were going to order a pair for me and then drive to the states to pick them up if I could not find them in a Canadian store. But yesterday my mother and I went to see if maybe they had their winter boots in stock and to take a look. I was also told if I knew the item number online they could then order them in if they were at another store location.

The boots I wanted were these


But after trying them on in store I did not find the foot bed comfortable and I also found it quite  narrow and no room to double up socks if I wanted too. Also it’s great that you can wear them in -20c weather but sometimes we get below that. And so these boots were not for me. And they had only come in the black at the location we were at in the size I needed. But they do come in black, red and black and white and tan for anyone who is liking these boots.

The other boots that my mother and I saw were shorter booties they came in a 12w besides every other size, now my foot is not wide in the least. However these shorter booties for some reason are also by Rugged Outback but they go down to -30c they are also a little bit cuter and I thought if I needed to I could always get leg warmers for my legs. These boots look like this


Even though in the description it says -20c the tag on the boot says -30c so some where there is a typo. Anywho the prices on both these boots are in US dollars so expect a much higher price tag in Canadian dollars but to be honest it’s worth it if you wear a women’s 12 shoe size. Anyways they are super cute boots.

The best part is I bought them in a 12w and they still aren’t that wide but I’ll be able to double up my socks if needed. Also the grips on the bottom are good and I have a feeling they will be super comfortable to wear and walk in. Because trying both of them in store and walking around they were way more comfy then the boots above, they are rated 5 stars by a few people online which is awesome. And they also have a little wedge and a side buckle which still makes them stylish yet fashionable but keeping your feet warm at the same time. And they are also not super heavy like some winter boots can be.

image image image



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