Superficial Bitch


I think sometimes we all suffer from this at one point or another. People who brag about what they have. They talk about what products are being sent to them whether  it be from blogging or beauty product video reviews over on YouTube. Everyone is trying to fit into this beautiful cookie cutter image and yet it’s all smoke and mirrors.

We all want to look are best and be the best we can be. We look towards different celebrities for image inspiration. We love their perfect flawless skin and flowy long locks of hair. And yet it’s all smoke and mirrors. Only a small group of people have great skin. For us everyday people we get acne and skin conditions that we wish we never had but thanks to makeup and photo shop you too can have perfected flawless skin. As for our hair we can cover it completely with wigs or add hair extensions for lushes hair.

We take a ton of selfies  and pose to our cameras, and we like everything possible on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. The world as well the Internet has become a superficial place. I recently watched one of the people I watch over on YouTube and she did her whole favourites video without makeup and in her pjs no less and I loved it. 

We need to remember that natural beauty without all the makeup is just as beautiful as a face with makeup. Same with our hair. We need to not focus on having to look perfect all the time. Today in fact I had to run some errands and only put on mascara some blush and some lip-balm and I felt good. Sure I could have put a full face of makeup but honestly did not feel like it.


I also had done a coconut oil treatment on my hair last night and then left it in over night and washed my hair this morning and then put in some dream curls spray and air dried my hair. Today the spray worked well but anyways back to what I was saying as a Society we need to chill ax a little.

Yesterday I went through all my likes on Facebook to edit out a lot of crap. I liked well over 250 things from music to brands and company’s. Down to 130 and I might try to edit some of those too. I know what tv shows I like same with movies and heck even some YouTube personalities I unliked because honestly I honestly don’t care what these people are doing with their lives if I want to watch their video I’ll do so on YouTube but for the most part I don’t care.

Years ago when I did YouTube I did not post or upload a crap load of stuff because I felt that I needed to look perfect I still feel that way about posting videos now. I don’t want to look always made up and I find a lot of you tubers are always done to the 9s, it went from blogging to makeup gurus and making a brand out of your self. There are 100’s of people doing the same thing on YouTube. And that’s how I feel about it.

Oh and company’s who only work with YouTube personalities who have over 5k subscribers really people? Uploading video content such as beauty product reviews is not talent anyone can do that hell even a monkey can rock a bright red lipstick and review it lmao.

Anywho you all get what I’m saying. It slays me how the world is now.

Done rant.



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