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Since leaving Okcupid & Badoo I’ve noticed that all the guys I have seen over there are also on Tinder. Tinder is the only app I am currently using. I just find it rather funny that as single people we put our selves out there like really out there. The only difference with Tinder is that when you swipe left as in I’ll pass they go away and you don’t have to see their face again. Which I honestly really like. With Okcupid or Badoo they always come up in matches and quite frankly it’s totally annoying.

I don’t care to see people I don’t want to match with every time I log onto a dating app or website. I have noticed tho sometimes a match you passed on may come back on Tinder but it does not happen often. I also like that say you are not feeling the conversation or the match you can unmatch from them and the whole conversation and match disappears.

I also like that Tinder works with Facebook that’s how you create an account. It links up with Facebook and so I think there is less fake profiles. Though I have heard from some guys that there are fake people who use tinder and or they do cat fishing which is posing as someone they are not. But I think you can have that happen on any internet dating app or site.

Though I have to be honest I’m kind of getting bored of dating apps and even Tinder. I think that’s why I left Okcupid and Badoo. Everyone’s sex crazed and it’s just totally annoying same with having my time wasted and talking to people and have it go no where it’s just totally annoying as shit. It’s kind of like if I take a break for a while and leave them all then go back later maybe it will be a little different but that’s not going to be the case. But one can hope so at the moment I’m on Tinder and will leave that profile up and just go with the flow I suppose.

Anyways if you are having luck in online dating awesome for you but if you are not and you are like me getting sick of these apps join the club haha.

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