BLUE Homestyle Recipe® Chicken & Vegetable Senior Dog Food


So Diva eats Blue Buffalos senior dry dog food which is chicken and brown rice recipe but for a while now she has not been to thrilled with it. I’m not sure why they only have the one recipe for senior dogs you would think they would come up with other recipes that would be just as healthy and tasty.

Anyways ive added warm water to her food to make sorta a gravy and reluctantly she will eat it or in her case pick at her food. And if she’s really hungry then she will eat but sometimes not till late. She will go all day sometimes without eating her dry food but will eat doggy cookies.

I went to Petsmart a few days ago and noticed they had this senior wet dog food and I know Diva loves wet food like seriously loves wet food more so then dry. But you buy the dry cause it’s gold for their gums and teeth. Anywho the last few days she’s been like “bitch I don’t want this dry watered down food I’m sick of it”, So I went out to pick some up in the rain mind you. I bought two cans and while out went to the super market and picked up what I needed. Any way I come home mix some wet food with her dry and what do you know she licked her bowl clean.

I mean spotless not one drop of food left in the bowl. So of course now I’ll have to make sure I always have some wet food to mix into her dry. But again this senior wet food is chicken and veg. I’ll have to google why they have no other flavours. Edit: just looked and they do have turkey food it’s called Blue Basics, info taken from site.

BLUE Basics®
Limited Ingredient Diet

For dogs that show signs of being sensitive to some of the ingredients used in traditional pet foods, less may be more. BLUE Basics is a healthy and holistic, limited-ingredient diet formulated to minimize food sensitivities while maximizing the nutritional value that your dog will receive. BLUE Basics is made without corn, wheat, dairy, soy or eggs and is available in several grain-free formulas.

What Is a Limited-Ingredient Diet?

For some pets, the ingredients they don’t eat can be just as important as the ones they do. That’s why BLUE Basics is made with a limited number of carefully selected ingredients for a well-balanced diet that may prove helpful to pets with food sensitivities.


BLUE Basics always features real turkey, salmon, duck, or lamb – high-quality proteins not commonly used in dog food.

So kind of interesting least I know now there is more than chicken and veg. And if at some point Diva gets sick of the wet food at least there is more out there that she can try out. If you have a dog or cat are they picky eaters? Comment below.


4 thoughts on “BLUE Homestyle Recipe® Chicken & Vegetable Senior Dog Food

  1. I don’t recommend Blue Buffalo at all. If you do some searching online you’ll find that the owner of the company had to admit that there was all sorts of crap in the food that they weren’t reporting. I switched to something called Pinnacle that is kinda hard to find but it’s a reliably organic alternative without all the chemicals and junk Blue Buffalo actually puts in theirs. Dogs were even getting sick off the BB.

      1. Yeah, we gave our dogs BB for years, because Sprocket has such a sensitive stomach. But after reading about the company I switched. I spent a lot of time looking up companies to find one that actually REALLY only puts what they say they do in the food; I have to get it delivered to us from Amazon, but on the bright side it is cheaper than BB!

      2. Divas never had a problem thankfully. And she’s been on it for years. I know Ellen had come out with dog food that suppose to be amazing same with Rachel Ray lol

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