Cut Your Bangs Friday

Last night before going to bed I watched a bunch of videos on YouTube about cutting your own bangs. Some will say let a pro do it but I’ve been debating on bangs for a while since growing out my hair as long as I have. I wanted a side swoop bang and hell if it did not turn out it would just grow out. In the past I cut my bangs wet but I watched a video last night where the girl did it dry. And took off a little at a time so not to mess up. So that’s what I did.

I trimmed off a little at a time and glad I did it dry because when the hair is wet it seems longer then it is. And last time I cut my own bangs they were wet and dried way to short. It’s all learning right. Anywho I’ll post a photo of my hair in this post,

I then did a Coconut oil hair mask and left that in my hair for about 30 mins or so then washed and let my hair air dry. And then this morning ran my hot curl brush through my hair. I think my bangs turned out pretty nice if I may say so.



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