My Birthday

So yesterday I made my self some blue berry frozen waffles topped with pb&j and a small bowl of blueberry yogurt. For lunch I had left over tuna casserole that I made. And for dinner I had frozen oven baked pizza lol. 20 of my Facebook friends wished me a happy birthday. Some I personally know others I’ve known for years online. My one friend who lives in the building came up for tea and gave me a present which is a Marilyn Monroe calendar of 2016 which I love. And I spoke to my parents of course and one friend sent me a birthday text. And that was basically my day yesterday. Oh and it rained of course like it always does.

It was a very easy simple day oh and I also went to Petsmart and the super market to pick up a few items again in the rain. Birthdays suck when you get older haha. However I’m going to dinner with my family Saturday night for some authentic Italian so that should be good. And I’m looking forward to that. Not all birthdays suck but I find on the day it self more often than not it does lol.

But I’ve got my Heath and a full head of hair and I’m fit so things could be worse I suppose lol. Yay for turning 36 haha.

Over & Out


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