A new and healthy you


It amazes me how far I have come with my weight and maintaining my body. I never thought A. I could do it and B. Keep it up. The amount of strength it takes to keep at it is amazing in itself. First and formost I never thought I would get fat. And then on the flip side I never thought I could lose the weight once I got fat.

It’s funny when I tell guys I used to be fat because first they don’t believe me and then I show them the photo on the left and they say wow you look amazing now. And people always ask how did you do it. It’s called portion control diet and working out. No wonder pill, No fad diet just hard work and dedication. Oh and will power that helps 😉.

Heck if I can do it so can you.

Since losing all my weight I have slowly introduced things back into my diet. But I do still workout not every single day but just enough to maintain my body. And now my weight goes between a few pounds which I’m totally okay with. I still drink wine here and there and will eat something decadent or sweet. But it’s all about moderation and portion sizes. I’m extreamly happy with my body now and love what I have been able to do.

This is what a 36 year old looks like Hunny haha. And damn I look amazing if I do say so myself 😉.


6 thoughts on “A new and healthy you

    1. That is your opinion but I was not happy being that size plus I was not eating healthy or taking care of my body like I should have been. But thanks for commenting.

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