Hello Size 0 edit size 2 lol


Edit. November 18th.  The size 0 I ordered was to small. The size 2 that’s to loose that I’m currently wearing is the Old Navy style curvy which I clearly am not. After taking in the jeans I just got in. I tried on a few pairs of their new style The Originals I’m for sure a size 2 in them. And they fit like the Diva did. Of course they had non in tall so I was only able to try on regular lengths. But now knowing this I will order tall online in their new style. I did order another pair of jeans online I a size 0 and am waiting on them to come in I’d be surprised if I am a 0 in them. But whatever not a big deal if they don’t fit I’ll just return to store if that’s the case.

So I never thought I would say this but my size 2 is to loose. I have saggy butt syndrome lol. I’ve tried washing my size 2s in warm water and stuck them in the dryer to try to shrink them but they still give me saggy butt. Nothing is more annoying then having that problem. I just ordered a pair of size 0 boot cut jeans from Old Navy with my bday gift card I got from my parents. I’m happy to also report that I got them on sale yay me and only really had to pay like 2$ bucks difference.

From going to a size 14 in 2013 down to now a size 0 that’s pretty freaking cool if I do say so. I wish my size 2s fit better but I also think they don’t fit as good as they could because the jeans I currently have is more for curvy shaped people instead of stick straight with not much of a hip to speak of which is me. Ah well you win some you lose some.

Old Navy has also got rid of their Flirt & Diva jeans and have replaced it with what their calling The Originals which I guess is the, combining those two lines. The jeans I got on sale for $15.99 are I’m assuming there last pair of boot cut Flirt jeans which is for straighter body shapes. I used to love their Diva jeans because they fit me so well. I hope this pair I bought fit me good. They have a 2% spandex in them and are dark washed. I almost got their original jeans for $11.99 but they were a much lighter wash, I’m glad I went with the dark wash because that at least is a bit dresser.

My thought process is I don’t think jeans should cost an arm and a leg. And if you can buy jeans on sale and get an amazing deal then why not lol.

Yay for new jeans that I hope will fit like a glove which I think they will.

Happy Shopping


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