Perfection Hair Design & Spa – Ottawa


Ok so first let me say my ex had given me a spa gift card. I’ve held on to this gift card for well over a year debating on weather or not if I wanted to use it and then if I use it on what?. Today was the day. I called this salon and spa to find out if I could use it on a hair treatment. They said yes which was great I made the appointment and went. All I wanted done was to clean up the ends of my hair since I was due. The stylist removed the ends as I had wanted and cleaned up my bangs for me and that was great.

What I was not impressed with was when she went to blow dry my hair. I didn’t wash my hair since I had done it yesterday and so she had just sprayed some of my hair down not all of it mind you with water. So when she went to blow dry she focused on a few spots of my hair at the back to the point that it was getting very warm. I had said once that she needs to go over other areas. But she kept at these few spots finally I tell her to stop I said look you haven’t put heat protectant on my hair you keep going for the same spot I don’t want my hair to burn off.

I’m assuming the owner who was very cute I might add tells the stylist to stop. Asks another girl and tells her to finish off my blow dry and to make sure to have the blow dryer on a medium setting and the women who had cut my hair ended up leaving that part of the salon. The cut is great but I still want hair left you know what I mean?.

I told the other stylist Thankyou for not burning my hair off. Once she was done I went to the cash and the owner comes over told me because of the length of my hair and that bad blow dry that it was a little less then what my gift card was. Which I was very thankful for. I did not leave a tip because honestly I thought that women was going to burn my hair off. E cut and blow dry came to $45 my gift card was $50 so in the end they took the $5 bucks from the gift card as a top. The trim was good but I’d never ever go back to that stylist again. When a client says to stop STOP. And move on to another part of the head or better yet blow dry on the lowest setting if there’s no heat protectant.

Over all the salon was clean, easy to get to and the owner is very nice. I’d rate it a 4 stars out of 5. And who knows maybe I’ll go back again at another time.

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2 thoughts on “Perfection Hair Design & Spa – Ottawa

    1. I was Getting so annoyed at this women, she’s like taking different brushes and just staying in one spot over and over and not even spraying my hair with water or putting any heat protectant on it I was thinking, lady you are so dumb.

      I spend all this time growing my hair out not to have it get burnt off with a high heat blow dryer. On the positive side of things my hair won’t need a trim for another three months or so lol.

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