FWB Anyone ? X Rated, 18 Plus Only

Disclaimer if you do not like reading X-rated material or whatever then skip reading this post.

You have been fully warned.


So I honestly don’t like having them Friends With Benefits that is but I’m human and I have needs and sometimes you need to get them met. Now typically I like to have a repore with someone I’m not fond of just straight up causal sex. Moving on I have a fwb and so far we have had sex a total of three times including tonight making it number 3. The last two times it’s been alright I was hoping tonight would top those other times. But quite honestly it hasn’t. Again I was left to get off manually with a little help of him kissing me which was helpful but a little bit of a let down. Tho I did reach the joyful release lol.

The sex is good but it’s not amazing. I feel like I need a new play partner. The annoying thing is making a new connection with someone who you want to play with. The worst part is that Russian guy I had sex with earlier in the year was amazing sex it’s like that guy ruined sex for me. And so now every time I have sex with my fwb I’m a little let down and it totally sucks and not even in a good way lol.

So I’m perplexed I dunno, do I keep the current guy around or do I find a new play partner?. And till I can land a permanent boyfriend. Ugh it’s so annoying. I’ll be happy to get a boyfriend so I can have regular sex but and till then I think I need someone new and shiny lmao.

The joys to being human


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