Why Old Navy?

I was a huge fan of Old Navy’s Diva line of jeans and then it was getting annoying that every time I went to order a smaller size they were sold out of the size I wanted in Tall. Since getting my gift card for my birthday for Old Navy I have bought two pairs of jeans in different lines but in the wrong size. When I went to return the first pair I ordered another online but next week I need to go and return them. I just ordered another pair in a size 2 which I now know I fit, since going this past week to return that pair and trying a bunch on. My complaint is that the only style of jeans they currently have online is the straight leg in Tall. The skinny and boot cut styles go from a 0 to a size 4 and up but no 2’s. I already called to complain and they told me to email them.

Wouldn’t you think to carry size 2 in those other styles?. I thought I should order the straight leg because what happens if they sell out of those two and then I’m stuck wearing my saggy but skinnys for a longer ass time. I have not worn straight leg in years. But at this rate I just want something that fits me the way it should. And I know size 2 fits good. I do know size 0 is to snug for me and tho I can do them up I’d rather be comfortable. Also I did not have to spend much on the difference so that’s good. And I got them on sale yay me.

Over & Out


4 thoughts on “Why Old Navy?

  1. Having to order twos or zeroes myself, I can say that they don’t make as many of those sizes and so they can sell out quickly. And then if you are looking for something that’s a “special” size like Petite or Tall, they make even less of those and sell out even quicker! Bummer but it’s true.

      1. Yeah I do miss out on a lot of things because the smaller sizes sell out, but all in all I can’t complain! Lol. On the plus side my feet are a very average size so I can ALWAYS get the shoes I want.

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