Game Player


So for about a month now I’ve had this banter with an individual. Lucky me met him from Tinder but honestly it could have happened from any other app or site. We were to meet a few times but it never happened always an excuse or a bunch of hot talk and hot air blown my way. For instance he would send me messages early in the morning saying Good Morning Beautiful. But then when I do respond he shoots me back a nasty sexual text.

We even spoke a few times over the phone and when he says he will call me back days go by and I don’t hear anything from him. I’ve told him his talk is cheap. He’s always wanting to come over but won’t meet me for coffee first. Always texting with sex talk. And very few times have spoken to me about anything other than sex.

I will say that I am not an angel in this and we did have phone sex once or twice. But all that time I thought we would meet in person. After those times I got the feeling that something was just not right about this guy. Well what I came to understand is that he’s a game player. He has no intentions of meeting me and that he probably has a gf.

Last night was my last straw I said look there’s no reason for me to block you again just lose my number. You are all talk and no action and you probably have a girlfriend. He comes back with I do have a girlfriend, but then back tracks and says that there not together they have just been sleeping with each other for the last 6 years and that they want a threesome which of course. I was like thanks for being honest with me but I’m not into couples. I also said I’m not into guys who are already taken and thanks for finally being honest for once. Then he says he’s not taken. Okay so which is it your taken or not taken?.

And in between the texts he talks about what he wants to do with me sexually. Okay side note this guys Italian so like high sex drive. He reminds me of this guy I dated who was Portuguese and also huge sex drive. But this guy has no clue on how to talk to women like seriously, he’s a fucking pig. The last message I sent him was to get lost and his message to me said (If I could be there right now in 5 minutes would you come out) I never responded to it.

It takes all kinds seriously. I wish people could just be honest and up front from the get go. If you are already taken or whatever just say so before exchanging numbers with the person. If you are really a pig just show your true colors before wasting that persons time and I’ve changed this guys name to Never Talk To Him Again. I’m also gonna leave his number in my phone so I know not to speak to him again. Also in the notes section I put, He plays Games.

I had told him earlier in the night that he’s fake and he comes back with your fake like a 110%. Yes I’m the fake one who’s playing games yea okay. Ya fucking dick head. I’m as real as they come it’s just to bad you play games and not very good ones at that. I had told him I would have met him weeks ago but I’m glad I never did now, given the type of guy he really is.

I had told him many times before this to just meet me for coffee which he said he would but again some excuse. Also I had blocked his number for about four days. Like two weeks ago. I decided to remove the block thinking I wouldn’t here from him. On the 5th day I get a message from him. And because I removed his number out of my phone I asked who it was. He told me it was him he apologized for being a dick and that he wanted me to be his girl and that he was sorry for being a pig and that he was serious about meeting me and to give him another chance.

So of course I did and then bam he starts back up with the same hot air bullshit as the first part of this post is about. I’ve decided I need to keep these idiots in my phone so I can keep track of the dicks and players that way I know who’s who and to never unblock their asses. Because when you remove a blocked contact you only have a number in the block list not a name. And if you have blocked a bunch of people you don’t know who’s who if you also removed them from the contacts list.

The joys of online dating


3 thoughts on “Game Player

  1. Its just the way online dating is at the moment – there is no way to consistently convert that online relationship into a real offline relationship. We wrote a blog on this recently. It leads to this sort of game playing with no intention of ever meeting the other person. We feel your pain!! But don’t give up on online / dating apps – I have a feeling something is coming that might make them a little more useful haha

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