Biggest Pet Peeve


I’m sure I’m not alone on this one and everyone’s excuse is always the same “I’m busy” “I’m super busy” “I work long hours” “I work 7 days a week” “I’m so tired” “I promise I will from now on” Or some other lame ass excuse on why they can’t reach out to you first to see how you’re doing. There so fucking busy all the time that they just can’t shoot you a text to say hey how are you doing?.

But you know full well if they have time to use a bathroom or update their Facebook or any other  social platform and there fingers aren’t broken to do those things they can sure as well shoot over a text or quickly call you to say “Hey how are you doing?. I really hate always being the one to reach out. I almost wonder sometimes if I just suddenly stopped being the one to reach out if they would even notice.

The world has become such a disconnected Society. People are always to busy to reach out to others but they find the time to update their  social platforms pretty easily. What gives? No really why can’t you just say Hello how are you? And yet you can tag my name in a stupid ass post and leave stupid ass comments on it but your to busy to shoot me a text or call my ass up. Like seriously and yet I want you as a friend why?.

My new year resolution is to stop reaching out to those people. If I don’t like what you tagged me in or don’t text you or call you it’s because you’re an idiot and you need a fucking wake up call. The internet is not real life and if you want to keep your friends close reach out every so often and touch base. It won’t hurt you. You won’t break a finger. And you’re not so fucking busy that you can’t reach out from time to time. If you can update Facebook or Twitter or any other social platform en you can sure as hell reach out to me and say hi. It won’t kill you, you won’t die from it and if this is something you really can’t do then we are not as good of friends as I thought we were.

This of course does not apply to friends I have in Facebook who do not have my number but it does reach to you who have Facebook messenger and can send me a personal message from time to time. Of course this is only going to people who never message me like ever. Moving on this is the biggest Pet Peeve I have. And I know I should just accept people for people and accept this is how they are but its fucking annoying as all hell and I’m tired of always being the one to reach out to these So called busy ass people. Maybe it will be different when I’m working full time and then I too can retort back and say “Oh I’m so sorry I’m just to busy but not to busy that I can update my Facebook, sorry Hunny but if you call I’ll talk to you” Bitch Please I ain’t lowering my self to that stupid ass lazy fucking level nor will I ever stoop to be that kind of a person. Even if I’m busier then all hell I’ll still make time for my friends and see how they are doing because that is just the type of person I am.

Big Thankyou to the people who wished me a happy birthday or who reach out to me from time to time to see how I’m doing. It shows who cares and who is amazing even when I know they are super busy.

As for the rest of you bitches Bye Felicia 



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