Getting bored of tinder

As well as bored of being single. So Tinder is the only dating app I’m using at the moment and I’m thinking of leaving it for a while. I’ve left all the other ones I was using but kept Tinder but honestly I’m getting bored of it. So funny thing I downloaded it onto my iPad mini and left it off of my iPhone. Yup it’s true you can down load iPhone apps onto your iPad evil grin 😈. And so because it’s just on my iPad when I turn it off I don’t get notified of new messages and till I turn back on my iPad. I think it helps with taking a break as well by not logging onto it.

But yea I’m getting bored of this whole online dating crap. It happens to me from time to time, I leave and then go back to it after a while. It’s just annoying you know what I mean?. What I also find sorta funny okay not really more depressing but whatever is when ever I split with a guy I’ve dated for a while they always end up in new relationships and I’m always the single one left. It’s like fucked up karma or something like you let go of someone and bam now your alone sucker. I’m not meaning for this to come off like a pity me post but single hood sucks.

Also single hood and dating sucks. Dating in general just sucks in this day and age we are in. It’s all texting and hooking up, to meet anyone decent these days does not really exist so much. Sex is easy to find. I want quality not quantity that’s what I tell people. But also having my other qualities that I like in a man to be in just one person is easier said then done. As it is for I think most people.

Also the games people play online slays me why anyone would waste people’s time like they do. It’s like why what are you getting out of it. The amount of bs we have to go through just to find decent people is totally annoying as all hell. It’s like kissing frogs to find the Prince Charming only in this age it’s going through all the creeps to get someone good. And then the good guy sometimes turns out to be a creep or an asshole or a douch. Or the guy who agrees with you on why are guys so dumb and end up being the same as you describe to them which also slays me.

And so this is why I’m getting tired and bored and just annoyed with Tinder and every other dating app or website that is out there. And though these are all free I did spend money once on for a three month deal and was also let down. Maybe it’s a cards thing or a timing thing or a not your time thing I have no idea anymore but I’m tired of being single and I’m tired of online bs. The joys of dating in this day and age NOT.

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6 thoughts on “Getting bored of tinder

  1. 😦 I do think it’s harder nowadays with the online dating. Men in particular are really lazy it seems…just one photo or contact then straight to the sexting, WTF?? But overall, people just aren’t as skilled at speaking face to face or talking/conversation as they used to be. We’re all forgetting how to do it, I think.

      1. I have noticed it as a teacher; students do not participate in class discussion like they used to. They don’t even want to ask questions. I knew one teacher who created a Twitter account for each of her class periods and she would project it onto s screen while teaching so kids could tweet her questions instead of asking them out loud, lol! It worked though

      2. Well that’s sorta smart thinking but also sad too. Everyone’s stuck inside their heads lol. On a plus side tho my new cel plan has Canada to US unlimited texting yay. So I can text you now haha

  2. Yes yes yes!!! I’m on and on-line break myself. I am tired of the same small talk on-line only to have nothing happen when that small talk has run its course. Tinder is the worst! I feel like it turns into more of a game- collect all the matches without actually starting a conversation. Then there are the lovely dick pics the sickos post on their moments. Bc if we arent talking thats exactly what I want to see? Noo. I definitely need a break too. And it’s coming up to the season where my facebook lights up with engagement announcements. Worst time to be single! Us bloggers will get through it together 😊

    1. I was so hoping you would leave a comment and to my luck you did ☺️ I’m glad I’m not alone with this crap, yes I too feel the need to call it quits with the Tinder world and online dating period for a bit.

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