Old Navy – Original Straight Jeans


So I bought this pair of jeans ordered them online in a size 2 Tall. They have 2% spandex they come in three colors this is the second color so it’s not super dark but not super light either. The only reason I bought them is because they had my size. I haven’t worn straight jeans in I don’t know how many years. And if it was up to me I would have gotten boot cut or skinny but again they did not have my size in those styles. In fact they don’t carry size 2 in Tall in those two styles at all that I tried to find.

I did call to complain and then Old Navy told metoo email there customer service which I did and their response was basically sorry but there is nothing we can do at this time. Maybe make more size 2s in tall ? Lol. So now I’m just going to have to keep an eye out every so often and hope I can land a few more in different styles so I can change it up. At least a pair in the boot cut and skinny one of each in their Original Styles. Since it has taken over their Diva and Flirt range.

The jeans fit nicely and they are mid rise. I think they have to much strech in them personally but if I gain a pound or two it won’t be that bad in them. They are very soft which I like and they fit well. I hope they won’t get loose over time from normal wear but we shall see down the road. And I’m able to fit yoga pants underneath if needed be for extra warmth.

I know before I was loving boot cut and skinny I wore straight jeans all the time but then they came out with boot cut and I loved those. And then they came out with skinny and that’s all I bought. And now it’s back to straight but only because that’s all I can get lol. As for they I mean the fashion  Industry not so much Old Navy just thought I’d point that out.

What style of jeans do you love?


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