Bye Tinder


Yup I did it I left the last of the dating apps. For now not sure how long it will last I might even sign back into Okcupid and give that place another shot. And just leave it at that. Maybe the new method is to use one app at a time instead of being on a bunch at the same time, Oh wait I did that I left the others and just stuck to Tinder lol. I think if you use more then one app or site at the same time it shows other people just how desperate you are. Because you see all the same people on every app & site so if you use one outlet at a time maybe it won’t look so bad.

Heck maybe I’ll have better luck this time around on Okcupid. I know that if I totally give up I may never meet the love of my life and so I should put my self out there at least a little bit. Tinder though really isn’t the place to meet Mr Forever more like Mr Right Now. And quite honestly swiping gets really boring super fast.

So my plan is to go back to Okcupid where I originally met my ex from April and other people I met face to face and see what happens from that. Of course I will keep everyone posted in the dating category on my blog here.

Over & Out


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