He’s Back LOL

So he’s back yup that’s right he called me today some how got through and by passed my block feature. Can’t say he’s not persistent that’s for sure. Anyways if you are wondering who I’m talking about it would be Mr Game Player as I called him in my last post.

I took the call because I was not looking at my phone I was walking my dog and listening to music and the call came through so I took it not thinking it was him. Though I have to confess he has been on my mind for whatever reason. Anywho I took the call and he said he was in the area and wanted to meet me for coffee so I said fine. Honestly I’ve been curious about this guy ever since we started speaking.

We met for coffee finally and he’s way cuter in person. We vibe really well together too and of course I gave him shit for being so annoying. Turns out we mesh really well. Also turns out he’s not dating that other person they are just fwb. We got a lot of things out in the open and it’s good.

Id like to see him again. Hopefully there won’t be any more BS. Keeping an open mind.

Guys are funny creatures lol


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