Christmas Gifts


So Christmas is around the corner and trying to figure out what people want for Christmas can be tricky but if you are like my family then gift shopping is quick fast and easy because that’s when gift cards come in super handy also to we will normally put them in gift bags or gift boxes.

Some people may think gift cards are not that great but I personally think they are amazing because they have so many now, to so many stores that it becomes a fun shopping time when you are out. You buy the cards to the store that they really like to shop at and your done. Then they get to go and buy whatever the hell they want. No more having to return gifts because the size is not a great fit or you like the gift but don’t love it.

Also when your an adult shopping for say family members can be tricky so gift cards come in handy. Now if you are buying for say kids then yes I do believe toys or what have you is a better option or if you know full well what type of gift the person wants then I say take your butt shopping and get what they want other wise a gift card is a great option.

What do you do for Christmas gifts do you go the gift card route and then gift bag them or do you spend e time to go out and buy the gift? Comment below.


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