Hair Color Challenge


Never in a million years would I have thought about doing such a thing. But I’ve decided to challenge my self and grow out my natural color. A few things have made me want to try to grow out this blonde hair. Any who with having this kinda hair it’s a lot of upkeep. And I’d like to see what my natural color looks like even with the glitter high lights. I’m not sure how long I will go with not colouring it but id like to give it a fighting chance.

Also the frizziness is annoying and the upkeep of purple shampoo. And the dryness my hair sometimes feels. I’m still doing my coconut oil treatment once a week which is helping.

Also a little bit of a shocker but to really give my hair a fighting chance I’ve cut off all my blonde hair and will be rocking my brown wigs. Heck if I can grow my hair as long as I have then I can re grow all my hair back again it’s only hair right?. Hair grows and so my hair will grow back again.


Kidding just kidding are you insane lol I’ll just grow out the blonde and trim it every 5 months or so. Again we will see how long this lasts for and how long I’ll last before wanting to dye it lol. But hey its a challenge so yea I’ll keep you all posted of course.

Have you tried growing out colored hair and if so how did you manage it? Comment below.


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