Mr Unusual

It all started from Tinder and has since gotten stranger. If you have been following my dating lately then you would know there is this guy I’ve had a very interesting time with. Well last week we met in person went for coffee and sadly on my part I had invited him back to my place which I did not mention for fear of being judged but whatever we did fool around a little again kind of stupid on my part but whatever. And then I hear nothing from him. Which was honestly fine with me because I regret messing with him after the fact.

Moving on I had sent him a text on Saturday saying I guess you got what you wanted and that you are probably done with me now? I got no response from him. So I went on  with my life as you do. And last night he calls me. I thought I won’t answer but then did. And he tells me he’s been having problems with his phone he never got my texts if I had sent him any and goes on to tell me he got a new phone and blah blah blah. But then he says he noticed I tried calling a few times which I only tried calling once. Then he starts getting sexual again and I tell him ” Look I don’t care to be honest I’m looking for dating and don’t care to hear about sex shit no matter how horny you are” I also told him “Not every trans girl is gonna be the same and my mind is not in the gutter all the time”, needless to say I told him I was watching a show and that I would talk to him later.

I decide to call him back before I went to bed and I got his voice mail which is full and so I couldn’t leave a message so I sent him a text and got no response. And then this afternoon I thought I would try calling him again not sure why I would but then apparently his number has been disconnected. I’m sure there is written some where some place (Girl he’s strange why you bothering for) and Honestly I don’t really care I just find it funny really. He’s the most unusual guy I’ve ever come in contact with.

Anywho I guess now that his number has been disconnected that I’ll most likely not hear from him again. I’d be very surprised if I did at this point. Guys are strange creatures.


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