My Hair Routine


Since September 15th when I got my first jar of coconut oil I’ve been kind of obsessed with it. I’ve mastered the amount to use in my hair and really do love using it as a hair mask. I’ve done everything from leaving it on my hair over night to just a few hours it really depends on my mood and what I’m doing that day. You can do a search on my blog for all the posts I have written about my experiences with coconut oil if you want.

Lately I have been wetting my hair down a little bit before applying the coconut oil I read that it helps. It’s all been a trial and error of how much to use and all that good stuff. I had bought a package of 10 disposable shower caps from the dollar store. And so after I have apply the coconut oil to my hair I then massage my scalp for 3 to 5 minutes. Now I don’t time it I just massage my scalp and till my fingers are tired lol.

I then put all of my hair up into a hair clip and put the shower cap over top and go about whatever it is I’m doing typically I’ll do a treatment either in the morning or in the evening. I also find that after I have done the scalp massage I find that my head tingles which to me means the blood is flowing and it’s working it’s amazing magic. Also a key thing to note here is with the scalp massage there will be some hair fall out which is totally normal since you naturally lose about 100 hairs a day.


I sware since doing this treatment once a week my hair has grown so much and I notice it every week. Seriously every week I think it also helps that I do workout as well and I know working out is good for hair growth as well but doing these coconut oil treatments really have helped a lot. I’m hoping by the time summer hits my hair will be just above my boobs but way past my shoulders. And they say your hair grows about a half-inch a month or more. So I figure my hair will be about that length come May which is in 6 months. Of course I’ll have to trim my bangs a tad and possibly get one more trim maybe come the 5th month depending on my ends but I’m excited.

Also without dying my hair I’m sure will really help. Also my hair is fine it’s not course in texture but I do have a ton of it and with doing the coconut oil mask you will want to make sure that when you wash your hair after to make sure all the oil is out of your hair other wise it will look greasy after, again it’s all  trial and error.


It’s amazing how quickly my hair has grown since doing the coconut oil treatments. It’s growing like a weed. I’m looking forward to having long hair and it just makes me so happy that I have not had any trich episodes thank god even with the high stresses I have had the last few months so yay me.

I’ll be doing a growth updated photo come April 13th 2016 from a comparison from April 13th 2014 from where I pretty much started from so keep an eye out for that.

And till then try out coconut oil you will be glad you did.


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