My Break From Dating


I’ve decided to take a much-needed break from the online dating world and tho I’m leaving my dating ad up on the site, I’m no longer going to focus so much on meeting anyone. If it happens awesome if not no biggy. And so my dating column over at LGBT Perspectives I will resume come Jan. You can only write so much about shitty dates and stupid people for so long and till you get bored. And so now I’m bored of writing about crap.

If things change and I meet someone fabulous this month then I’ll write about it here. Other wise I’m taking a break from that whole scene. Quite frankly it’s starting to bore me the whole online dating world. It’s all the same crap but a diff day. So why keep at it? Call me a Debbie Downer or whatever but one can only handle so much and I need a break from all of that.

It’s Me My Self & I and one has to be comfortable being single. So this is where I am right now. Me and Diva are a good pair.

Over & Out


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