An Update On My Hair Thinning

So I had written about my hair a little while ago December 16th 2014 to be exact that I noticed that it was thinning on the left side of my hair-line. Since I’d say September I’ve been using coconut oil treatment once a week on my hair but sadly I don’t think it’s doing anything for my thinning. The photos below is my left which would be your right looking at the photos below.

image image image image

I would also just like to say I have not had any TTM (Trichotillomaina) episodes at all. The whole reason why I went blonde was to hide this thinning. My plan is to pick up some Natures Bounty Hair, Skin & Nail Gummies with Biotin to see if that will help. With this thinning problem. I know this should not be bothering me but it really does.

It’s like you finally grow your hair out just to have thinning decide to show its ugly face and why it’s just on one side of my hair-line is boggling to me. Like why is it more so on one side then the other? If it’s going to wreak havoc on my hair-line why not be both sides of it?. I’m wondering if anyone has tried the Natures Bounty Hair, Skin & Nail Gummies with Biotin? And if so has it worked for you?.

When I had spoken to my doctor he said I could take them but every second day since I already take a multi vitamin gummy. Now I just need to pick some up and see if it will do anything for my hair. Because my thinning looks like it has gotten worse and it’s a little upsetting to be honest with you. And yes I can rock a wig when it gets even worse but I’d like for my hair to stay a little while longer and till I need to wear supplemental hair.

If you are dealing with hair thinning what have you done to cope? Have you taken hair vitamins? Done coconut oil? Just accepted it? What?

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3 thoughts on “An Update On My Hair Thinning

  1. I started to thin at 18. It really knocked me. I thought it would all be gone in no time. I knew it would happen as all the men in my family are bald, but I had hoped it would happen in middle age. Now in my 30’s I still have hair although it’s very thin. I have come to terms with it. I wouldn’t change it now!

  2. I’m not dealing with it yet – I may though. My older sister and my mother have both had a lot of hair thinning over the years, so it’s possible I will have it too. I will probably just start wearing short synthetic wigs and call it a day if/when it happens. I’m not sure I’d want the upkeep of longer ones on a daily basis!

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