Dr. Oetker Pizza – Giuseppe Pizzeria


Okay so personally for the most part Dr Oetker pizza typically tastes like cardboard it normally has no flavour and the toppings are bleh. But today I decided to try their newest one which is the Giuseppe Pizzeria thin crust deluxe. And I have to say for a frozen pizza it could compete with Delissio it might even taste a little better. I don’t always want to cook on Fridays and so I treat my self to a frozen pizza.

Turn on the oven shove it in and wait a little bit and bam. I typically will have two slices with a salad and that’s my dinner. I have to say this pizza was super tasty. It had enough cheese on it to make it great. The tomato sauce had great flavours and the toppings themselves were also very delicious.

I would eat this again for sure. And that is saying a lot because their normal pizzas are crap. So much so I wouldn’t even feed them to my dog. Anywho I hope to try the other flavours but I do love a good deluxe pizza.

Happy pizza eating


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