So yesterday I was at the drug store and noticed they had it on sale like cheaper than at Walmart. So I did what any girl would do found the shade that I wanted to get like last time but instead of believing what was in the box. I opened the box to make sure the tube said the same thing which it did.

Walmarts price is at $17, Shoppers had it on sale for $13 and I got points like 1300 or some such thing. Anyways I decided to do my face this morning and test out this shade. And what do you know it blended right into my neck perfectly.

So the other shade I have the light-medium I’ll keep for the summer and wear the light shade in the winter and spring. I love the coverage of this CC cream. I also like how it easily washes off and you don’t have to scrub away at your face to remove it. I also like how easily it washes out of my makeup brush.

Personally it says to use your fingers but I dislike putting my foundation on with my fingers. I just like using a sponge or brush better but that’s just my personal taste. I also like the anti-aging benefits that’s in it since I really don’t use any other products for my face but my coconut oil. Yesterday when I was out someone guessed my age at 25 lol. I said Thankyou lol but I’m really 36 so I must be doing something right. That and good genes haha.


Also when I was at another drug store a few days ago I noticed this brow marker type thing where you can fill your brows I wanted to get it if I found it again but when I was at Shoppers yesterday they didn’t have it so instead I thought I’d pick up Annabelle’s Brow-To-Go Kit.


This little compact is amazing. It comes with tiny tweezers. A duel ended brush, the compact comes with two colors I got light medium and like a gel to I guess set the brows. It’s super tiny but it works really good. I’ve never wanted to do powder but I seem to break out using the brow mascara’s with the fibers at least that is what I have been finding lately.

Anyways this brow-to-go kit is great because it’s small enough that you can throw it into your bag if you needed to and off you go. It fills in your brows easily and the lighter shade is perfect for my brows. Also it was on sale and that’s the main reason I wanted to pick it up and try it. It was on sale for $7.99 reg $11.99 which I think is crazy but for what it does I’m a fan.

Would I pay full price for it possibly but if I can get things on sale then I would hold out on doing so and wait for a sale to come on. I’d also like to point out how the brows look softer with using a brow powder. Which makes sense really. I’m a fan.


Have you tried Annabelle’s Brow-To-Go Kit or any other one for that matter in powder form and if so what are your thoughts? Leave yours in the comments below.


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