Hair Color


So since joining the blonde side my hair is meh, it’s dry even if I do coconut oil treatments it’s still not as soft as it could be in areas. I stupidly used a blonde box dye to do my roots last and you can see a difference between my natural hair color the boxed blonde dye and the salon blonde high lights and what not below that.

Id like to just go back to being brown. Yup I said it and also embrace my glitter high lights. I bought a brown hair dye called Havana Brown which is L’Oreal Paris Feria Havana Brown 50 medium brown. But I’ve also read that you should dye blonde hair red and then brown.

I remember years ago going brown after being blonde all with hair dye and basically it was like either it’s gonna turn out nice or it’s not. I called the beauty school near my house and they quoted me $75 plus tax because they put in a filler and then the brown color. But I don’t have $75 around for me to spend just to go dark.

I regret going blonde now. If only I was smarter when I decided to go blonde and said fuck it and stay brown but oh no I had to be blonde ugh. The joys of being me. If ever I say I want to be blonde again yell at me people. Seriously!

Anyways you live and learn, at some point you just have to embrace the color you were born with and embrace those pesky grey and white hairs and be happy with the hair color you started out from. I know in my last post about growing out the blonde but everyone knows I have no patience. So there might be a post with photos of either my hair turning out amazing or not lol.

If I ever want blonde hair again I’ll go for a-couple-face framing highlights or clip-ins that are high lighted and leave the bleach and blonde boxed dyes to other people. Hell even rock a rooted blonde wig  and save my precious hair from ruining it with dye. You live and you learn.

Over & Out


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