Hair Color Part 2


So yesterday I was hell-bent on going back to boring ass brown letting my grey and natural color grow out and accepting it. And I was hell-bent on going back to brown I bought another box of brown hair dye and looked on YouTube for reviews and spoke to a friend on Facebook and even called the hair school near my house to see how much it would cost me to go back to brown.

I then decided to sleep on this rash decision and I came to the conclusion. I paid enough money to get me blonde and the Belle 90 box blonde does my roots just fine that I’m sticking to staying blonde for a little while longer. The last thing I want my hair to feel like is straw and that’s exactly what it will feel like if I went back to brown.

Heres the thing, when I get an idea in my head I OCD about it and till its done. I obsessively think over it to the point of no return and then second guess my self after it has happened. And sometimes after then it’s to late. And this is with anything which is even more scary. I also have this thing about texture it goes farther then just hair texture it also is with clothing fabrics as well. If it itches I don’t buy it. Well with my hair if it’s dry it bug me same with my skin if there is a zit I pop it which is totally bad I know this but I like smooth surfaces.

I sware something is not connected in my brain properly like the wires are not connected like they should be. Anywho back to this post at hand. I feel good for not going back to the brown side. Again I spent a good chunk of $$$ getting blonde and it’s not like I’m full on platinum white blonde. I know it’s all in my head so bare with me when I write such crazy posts okay? Thanks 😉.

Anywho not to worry I’m taking the brown hair color back to the store to get my money back later today. I just get bored of my hair sometimes and I need to just throw a wig on and stop thinking so much. The joys of hair right!.

P.S. I’m sorry to fill up everyone’s mail boxes with some of my posts, I know sometimes I will post 3 or 4 posts sometimes with in one day and I’m sure some people are like bitch please, but I need to get it out of my brain and I know my grammar sucks sometimes and spelling but I was in special ed in high school and I have a few learning disabilities but I’m only human right? So yea

Over & Out


4 thoughts on “Hair Color Part 2

  1. I don’t mind the emails of posts at all! I just get them while at work then forget to come read them when I get home…anyway glad you did not go brown, Your hair needs a break. No color for awhile will be best…after my perm I couldn’t do ANYTHING to my hair for at least three or four months, including blow-drying, it was just too chemically fried. I know hair color isn’t nearly that bad but still – let it rest for at least two months before you change it again. Especially while trying to grow it out, you want to keep it healthy so it can grow!

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