Credit Debt Everyone’s Got Some


But that being said I have one card that is almost paid off. I only have two of these evil cards. I only have $600 left to pay on one of my credit cards and then I get to have the pleasure of calling the company and saying thanks but you can cancel it thanks a bunch. Then I will only have one card left to payoff.

I’m super proud of myself for paying off these evil things. I mean my debt is nothing compared to some people but for me it’s a lot and it bothers me. Of course I can’t blame anyone else but my self for putting me in this little situation but I feel a lot better now that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Credit cards can be good if you are a responsible shopper. I over shopped and that’s how I’m in this little mess. Because you think and tell your self I’ll just make a payment later. It’s ok I’ll pay it later but by the time later comes you owe more than you would have had to if you just paid it off in the beginning.

You learn from your mistakes and I do think they are good to have but with smaller limits. But then that is how these credit card companies get you. They pre approve you for some crazy amount of money and then bam you done for lol. Heck on my one credit card with the higher limit of the two they had said since your making your monthly payments if you call us now we will raise your limit even higher. Yea thanks but I’m not calling to raise it.

Slowly but surely there getting paid off and then maybe I’ll decide to get a new one with a smaller limit or tell them to lower my limit to something more manageable. Either way a smaller limit would be great for me. Cause honestly high limits is where they become unmanageable.

Over & Out


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