My New Obsession


It’s Physicians Formula Super CC Color-Correction + Care Cream. Since buying the right color in Light I have been wearing it everyday I’m not even joking. Today and yesterday I put it on with my fingers. And then quickly went over my brows with my Annabelles Brow-To-Go kit. I also throw on some eye shadow some mascara and blush and lip gloss. Today I used my new nude shadow palette from Physicians that I bought yesterday. Anyways this CC cream is amazing. I’m thinking about tossing my Revlon ColorStay foundations out because I can literally see a change in my skin using the CC cream. The fact that it makes me have beautiful glowing skin and the SPF30 is also a plus, the color correcting in it is awesome. Sorry Revlon ColorStay but you suck and you break me out.
imageI wish I got this a long time ago. It blends perfectly for my skin and it matches. Unlike the other foundations I have tried with this there is no need to blend it into my neck as much. The other ones I would have to blend and even then they were not a perfect match. But with this there is no need.

Also you don’t need a ton of it for it to cover unlike with most foundations, it’s easy to wash off as well and you don’t have to spend time rubbing your face just to remove the product. Revlon ColorStay is crap as far as I’m concerned. Why use something with no benefits when you could be using something that does what it says it will do.

Info taken from site

The next generation of multi-functional complexion correctors
These 1st ever multi-tasking makeup + skin care products combine Color-Correction + Care in one simple step. Invisible micro color-correcting pigments and high-tech anti-aging actives deliver a flawless youthful-looking complexion without imperfections effortlessly.
Yellow corrects blue imperfectons and warms skin tone.
Green tones down redness.
Pink brightens and illuminates.


I do think they should have more than two colors to choose from but at the moment they don’t. Light and Light/Medium. I had bought the Light/Medium by accident so I’ll hold on to it for next summer when I’m more tanned. Please make sure when buying this in store that the tube is the right shade that it says on the packaging. Other wise you might be getting the wrong color.

I’m super impressed with this CC cream it is my first ever. But I can tell it’s the only thing I want and or need in my life haha.

Have you ever used a CC cream before and if so what are your thoughts? Comment below.



3 thoughts on “My New Obsession

  1. Many years ago Chanel came out with the Limited Edition foundation called Almond-Something – I can’t even totally remember the color, but I swear it made me look 10 years younger. It was amazing. They discontinued it after like a year, though, and I was so angry I’ve never bought another Chanel foundation since! I can’t believe they discontinued something so amazing. The department store brands do that all the time and it’s so annoying!

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