The Great Gatsby


What a strange and funny book this was to read. Oh and the spelling on some words like tomorrow being two words not one. I found this book hard to follow along with. And at times I thought what the fuck am I reading?. If anyone has seen the film then I would say the book is not that far off from the movie. And if you just want to see the movie then you really don’t need to read the book.

I thought the movie was a little hard to follow and parts of the book okay wait the whole book I thought wow it’s just like the movie. Now before reading this book I had never seen the movie, I really had no interest in watching it. But 7 chapters into this book I thought let’s watch the movie on Netflix.

Honestly I liked when the movie ended and I was happy to finish the book the other day. So I never have to watch or read either of the two. Also the book was hard to follow as well the story line and to tell the characters apart from each other. It’s probably one of the worst books I’ve ever read.

But maybe for some people you might like it.

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