Miss Diva Update


So Miss Diva is doing well, she’s on new food as well wet food. I mix wet with dry and she pretty much eats it up. She’s eating about twice a day now. Though sometimes in the morning she won’t eat all her food she’s such a picky girl lol. Last time I was at Petsmart she got a new sweater and two new tshirt they were on clearance so I had to get them for her.

Her alopecia is still the same. I haven’t noticed any more fur loss per say but it haven’t grown back either, she’s been taking Melatonin the vet told me about it. Though the dosages I’ve read have been a little different from what the vet told me so I just give her one 3mg pill in the mornings. At first it made her sleepy but now it’s working fine and there is no major effects to her being more sleepy then usual in the day. Her fur has not improved in the sense of getting better but it also has not gotten worse so that’s good.

Her breath is still amazing and I can with stand her kisses which is awesome. I can’t believe that next August she will be 9 years old and everyone still thinks she’s a puppy. It’s so funny. But I have noticed some days she’s not as playful and won’t even play with her toys. Guess she gets in a mood from time to time. I’m kind of glad it hasn’t gotten crazy cold yet. Mainly because of her fur loss on her back legs. I had bought a onesie from the dollar store and cut up half of it to make like pants for her to wear with one of her sweaters when she needs it. The snow suit I got her she hasn’t needed to wear just yet because it has not got that cold.

Other then that she is doing awesome. She comes with me every Sunday when I go to my parents and so she can see their dogs Sophie and Sasha. Her besties lol more so Sophie she just puts up with Sasha it’s funny. She’s not a huge huge fan of my brothers dog Mr Bruno cause he’s massive compared to her but she deals with it.

That’s the latest with Miss Diva


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