I wanted to speak about something that is not always spoken about. Transphobia (or much less commonly transprejudice) is a range of antagonistic attitudes and feelings against transsexuality and transsexual or transgender people. Sometimes people with in the Trans community have and will judge other trans people for not being more feminine or masculine if they are going from male to female and or going from female to male.

We can sometimes be our own worst enemies within our own community. I also have to confess I have also been at times judgemental to people with in my community and towards other trans girls. Like how they are not as feminine. Or wear makeup or more female clothing attire. How can you expect people to take you serious if you’re not dressing the part?.

One of my long time girlfriends who is trans has opened my eyes and I’m slowly relearning that just because a person is trans does not mean they need to fit into the cookie cutter box that has been ingrained into my brain by how Society has taught me in the past. And the simple fact is there are many versions of trans people just like there is with non trans people. Nobody is the same. We are all different and live different lives. And just because I’m super feminine does not mean all trans girls who are male to female need to be the same or vice versa.

Just like how not all cis females or cis males which are non transgender are the same. Some males and some females have the opposite traits. Not all males are masculine just like not all females are feminine that also goes for trans people nobody is the same and there are all different kinds of trans people.

I also know that we really need to have each other’s backs and support one another because how are we able to expect others to if we don’t?. Everyone is so quick to judge each other just by looking at each other and we really need to just take a step back and look at our selves before we make judgments of others. You won’t have a supportive community if everyone is badmouthing one another. And you can’t expect outside people who are non trans to support you if you don’t start with accepting everyone for who they are, stop focusing on how they look or how you think they should look or act or be!.

We need to stop being Transphobic with in our own community if we want others to stop being Transphobic towards us.


2 thoughts on “Transphobia

  1. This is a lovely post, Lana, you are so right! There is not one way to be cis female for sure so why should there be one way to be trans? It takes a strong person to look at themselves and say hey, maybe I need to re-learn about this, but you are always willing to do it. That says a lot about you 🙂

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