Some News

So back in the early part of November I had written a post about asking for help and possibly getting a transfer to a better neboughhood and what not after having a scary situation happen. Well it was my second meeting with this board. I had brought both parents with me this time and my dad speaking on my behalf. I sat in front of 6 or so people and then shared what had happened. My dad spoke and shared some words then was told I would receive a letter in the mail two weeks later with a decision.

Well I finally got the letter today and was declined a second time. I had a feeling I was going to be declined but you know something it’s not the end of the world or mine for that matter. It just makes me want more for my self and to reach my goals even more. I believe everything happens for a reason and maybe this reason is to land a good job save up and move out of the living situation I’m at now.

Even though I hate the building and the majority of people in it. It is close to pretty much every where I like to go. I can walk to most places and I have a few bus stops outside of my building hell there is two not even a 5 minute walk from the front of my building. I can get down town pretty quickly and I can walk to the super market the pet store (Petsmart) and Dollarama lol.

I’ve never lived by my self before and so it’s a totally new experience for me. Anywho this is just a stepping stone and bigger and better things will come my way.

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