Christmas Spirit


So this year I’m not overly in the Christmas Spirit. I’m not sure if it’s because of the lack of snow. Or being single or what but apparently I’m not the only one. From watching the news to Live With Kelly & Micheal and them also saying it. I think the weather has something to do with it. NYC also has no snow and here in Canada’s Capital there is also no snow at all like zero lol.

Its been like fall weather or spring lol. Don’t get me wrong I have enjoyed not having to wear winter boots or my winter jacket. I’ve also been able to take Diva out for longer walks when it’s not raining and that has been nice. In fact I hate winter I hate the cold and I also hate the freezing temperatures. The only three things I like are Christmas decorations and lights, when the sky turns pink after a snow fall and the city lights make the sky appears pink, and when the snow has fallen and the ground is covered before the cars make it dirty and it’s all white and pretty. Oh make that four also wearing cute winter gear.

I guess also too it’s sorta strange to be by my self. Even though I’m going to my folks Christmas Eve and will be sleeping over for Christmas Day with Diva. It’s just sorta strange to be on my own this year. Lots of firsts is all 😉.

Are you in the Christmas spirit this year? And if not why?


2 thoughts on “Christmas Spirit

  1. I’m kind of in it, but it’s VERY warm here for December, even more so than usual so I do think that’s part of it. Also work has been SO ridiculously busy that I’ve had no time to think of it. With two weeks off now I will probably get more into it than I have been though, LOL.

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