My Dating Journey Online


So it’s been a little bit since I have written anything in regards to my online dating Journey. Mainly because writing about crap all the time gets annoying. Any who I’ve got a few stories to share.

First thing I re joined Okcupid and I noticed they removed the sub-categories. I did include me being trans in my bio so I don’t have to sound like a broken record all the time. I’ve spoken to a few people but nothing amazing has happened yet.

Sticking to Okcupid I did text this one guy this past week and finally touched base over the phone last night. But I really did not have to speak much because he took over the whole conversation so much so I took my dog out and came back in and said all of four words. And when I did try to speak he  interrupted me which I thought was super rude. Finally I said to him “look you haven’t tried to get to know me at all every time I do try to say something you cut me off, you ramble on you seem like your coming from a negative space and quite frankly I don’t want to meet you at this point!”. Honestly this guy sounded a touch crazy.

He basically had  diarrhea of the mouth. I told him at one point maybe not tell me everything. And he’s like “Once I start I might as well get it all out”, I felt like it was a therapy session seriously, I mean I know I can talk but nothing like this guy. I’ve learned that you don’t have to tell everything about your self to people in the first conversation. And it’s better to share things over time not all at once. I don’t think this guy got the memo.

Moving on. I had reinstated my membership to Tsdating yes the name says it all lol. I have a lifetime premium membership to that site which I got for free. Their rule on there is girls get a free membership and guys have to pay for membership. Anywho I was conversing with this guy from Alberta who happens to be a cop. We spoke over the phone for a few days and then yesterday I got no text from him even after I sent two. It’s like it got all hot and heavy for a few days and then bam no response. And we all know texts go through so why he’s not getting back to me is beyond me and Its so annoying. It’s not like the texts are not going through you know!. So since he hasn’t  responded I’ll just forget about him unless he gets back to me. There was talk of him coming to Ottawa in Jan for the whole month and we talked about getting together but as I like to say (Talk is cheap). I find a lot of people do a lot of talking but don’t walk the walk you know what I mean?.

Then I found a website called Established Men, I thought maybe I might find someone nice on that website. But it turns out most of the guys on there are either really old with money or married some are younger but not for me. Oh and the website is owned by same company who owns Ashley Madison yup that cheating site. I found that out because a guy I was speaking to told me that I was on there. I said I never joined it, though so that makes no sense. He took a screen shot of it and sent it to me.


But after finding this out I contacted the website I had joined and they came back with this.

(Recently, in an effort to better fulfill what it is that brought you to EstablishedMen/ ArrangementFinders we have given you access to additional exclusive men who match with the lifestyle components you are seeking. This project had one goal, increase the odds of connection by allowing you to access users from Ashley Madison. Both of these sites are the property of Avid Life Media and both communities are subject to the same rigour and rules as to who can participate.

In short, what this means is not that we have created a new profile in your image, but that your profile is available on both sites, as per our terms of use. You are still in control of what content is shown on the profile as well as which pictures you choose to use. Any changes made will be seamless and universal.

According to our records, since the start of this project your levels of communication with members on both sites have increased significantly.

If, however, you are uncomfortable or do not wish to participate in this project we will remove your profile from the project once advised to do so. Please contact us through email at ….. or by calling Customer Service directly at 1-877…….. between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything further we can assist you with.


Customer Service)

So of course I want nothing to do with AM so I deleted my account on Established Men, That’s not the website for me let alone do I want my profile to be on a website that promotes cheating sorry but no Thankyou nor do I like the fact that the one website is uploading my profile to another site and they did not even ask me if they could.

I also re joined Badoo mainly because people talk on that website and even though my experience in the past has not been all that amazing you just never know who you can meet. The one thing I have done is to remove getting notifications on my iPad of both Okcupid and Badoo and just get emails if I have new messages that way I’m not getting bugged all the time of new messages.

I also spoke to this one cute French guy last night who’s tall and he horse back rides which is very cool. He’s tall and pretty good-looking so who knows where that will go. We had a nice conversation on the phone but I had to let him go cause I was falling asleep at 9:30pm I was so pooped 😉.

I would like to date someone but it’s not the number one thing on my to do list anymore. If it happens great if it doesn’t it’s not the end of my world any more. So that is the latest in my dating world. Yip yip yippy


6 thoughts on “My Dating Journey Online

      1. It kinda makes you wonder if there were any men who got busted for being on that site when they really signed up for some other one…nah, I doubt it LOL

  1. I agree with mareymercy, it’s disturbing that your profile was available on a site u didn’t sign up for. I’m sorry about those guys’ve had like the extremes..a guy that talks too much and a guy that disappears without a peep. I’m sure you’ll find someone in the middle soon 🙂

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