Something Kind Of Funny

While I was out yesterday waiting for a bus to come home with my Christmas gifts in tow. I saw a lady that lives on my floor. We have become acquaintances and friendly when ever we see each other we chat. Anyways she saw me at the bus also waiting for it we began to chat. She told me she was getting together with family over the holidays and then spoke about a relative who’s trans going from female to male. I’ve never once said anything about me being trans but she felt comfortable enough to share that. I had said its amazing just how many trans people are out there. We finished our chat she went to her apartment and I went to mine.

It’s Literally the 4th person who’s brought something like that up to me. I’m sure word got around that I’m trans or maybe it’s just the fact that trans people are more spot able then before. And more people know someone who is trans or is transitioning or what have you. In a way it’s great and in a way I’d like to blend in but I can already tell the more people are aware of trans folk the easier it will be. And in a way it’s nice that these people feel comfortable with being able to talk about it.

I don’t know for sure if she knows that I am. And honestly I don’t really care if she knows or has figured it out. She’s a nice lady. It’s just amazing how there are more trans people out there now then when I switched.

Something kind of funny


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