Melatonin & Miss Diva Update


So my vet had suggested putting Miss Diva on Melatonin for her fur loss. Apparently it can help with her alopecia, well she’s been on it since October 16th and there’s no new fur. Nothing has grown in its place and if anything it has not gotten better. When she scratches at her self like for example when she has an itch a little fur is stuck in her paws.

I was hoping the melatonin would work. But to no available. Though I have read that you can give this medication to dogs who suffer from separation anxiety or fire works or whatever. Which I might do in the future. Because it makes them sleepy well it did at first when I gave it to Diva. Now she’s pretty much normal.

But back to her fur it is not better, there is no new fur, nothing as grown back and so I’m giving up on this stuff as far as her fur is concerned. I did read yesterday that some people washed their dog with dish soap and that the fur grew back but that sounds really strange to me. I think it’s just accepting the fact that she has to wear t-shirts in the summer time and coats and stuff in the winter time. And doggy sun screen. I mean it doesn’t bother her she’s not in pain. It just bothers me. After all she’s my baby.

Anyone ever experience doggy alopecia and if so what did you try?


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