2 Christmas Parties in One Weekend

So last weekend of last week I had two of these parties to go too. One on Saturday and one on Sunday. The one on Saturday was held at a hotel and Sundays was held at my brothers work. I knew I was going to curl my hair but I did not want to curl my hair two days in a row. Using all that heat and everything I did not think it would have been good even if I used heat protectant . So I did what any wig wearing gal would do. I rocked a wig on Saturday and then rocked my bio hair on Sunday. I also rocked two different outfits to go with each look. On Saturday I was all lady like and on Sunday I was dressed all professional.

The photo below is a mix pix, also the purple dress is Ralph Lauren that I got the year before. And the hair I’m wearing is Camera Ready by Raquel Welch in shaded Hazelnut. I had to use tape for the lace to lay flat tho I did have to re adjust the wig from time to time in the bathroom because it would some how shift back possibly from me perspiring. Anywho no one else noticed. The shoes I got from LTS they are by Nine West. Super cute shoes but one foot kept slipping out the back so I’m gonna have to get a no slip heel thingy.


All in all I had fun Saturday night. Everyone who knew me also thought I had colored my hair brown so that was also pretty funny. My brothers party which was Sunday’s, I wore black dress pants that white and black wrap top, my earrings were chandelier with black feathers on the bottom it was very much a black white theme going on. And gold sparkly ballet flats so my feet could be comfy. I had done a crap load of dancing the night before so I wanted to give my feet a break since its been about a year and a half since I had been dancing.

It was a fun filled weekend. Sorry for just getting around to writing about it now but you know how it is with the Christmas holidays.




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