Ditching FWB’S & Casual Sex


I had spoken about getting a replacement for the one that I had because I was not overly getting my needs met from this person you can read about that here. Anyways I’ve come to the conclusion that I want more for my self and that my plan is to go without sex and till I meet someone who deserves my body. This is not the first time I have done this. In fact I went possibly 2 years with out because I wanted a relationship and why sleep with someone just for the hell of it and still be alone and single when they leave when I can not wear makeup or shave my legs and still do a perfectly good job getting my self off.

Hell that’s kind of what I’ve been doing the last two times I was with my fwb, he got off and I had to manually do it, oh yeah FYI he asked if I wanted to you know hang out again and I was like why so you can get off again and I’m left to my self. He’s like ” I don’t know what gets you off” seriously  buddy ?. Anyways back to the post at hand I’m holding out for a relationship and to fuck with these people. I’d rather go without then deal with these people. In the mean time I’ll just focus on my friendships and the go with the flow attitude, if I meet someone great if not it’s not the end of my world.

Over & Out


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