Online Dating Is A Joke!


Why I’m still doing it is beyond me seriously. And guys wonder why girls are so bitter?! Well people it’s because guys are so fucking stupid. I re wrote my Okcupid profile to be short and sweet the less the better but with still having everything in it that I want to get across. What slays me the guys who think just because you have looking for long-term that some how you’re looking to still hook up for booty. Or that it’s okay for them to ask you if your tits are real or fake. It’s like you don’t even know me and the first question you ask a girl is “So are they real” why is this any of your business? Do you want a pair?. I’ve also had guys ask if I could be their first, you know experience. Tho that was over on Badoo I’ve since left that app again.

But Okcupid should be renamed Okstupid because there are so many of them on that site. I’ve decided to quickly shoot down anyone whom I’m just not into. Guys in the states stop messaging me, short guys under 6’0 just don’t bother your wasting your time, same thing goes for the unfitness guys. Talk to me when you look good, this might seem shallow to some but knowing full well nobody really gave me a shot when I was fat. The same rule applies to the others. And trust me there is nothing sexy about a heavy person this is just my personal opinion. I have tried to date heavyweight people in the past but it did nothing for me it was not a turn on and that’s where I stand on that. And from getting fat I can personally say there was nothing sexy about me.

Anywho now that I’ve lost the weight and I have this body I can definitely say it’s hard to meet other attractive people who want to date, I have a ton of people who want to (get it on). And I keep telling people it’s quality I’m looking for not quantity huge difference. So the dilemma is where are the smart attractive people who want to date at?, where the hell are you hiding?.

As one of my best friends said “It’s just as hard for attractive people as it is for unattractive people” and the funny thing is I believe that to be true. Everyone has problems dating and it’s not more so for one group of people over the other it’s hard period. Also one of my trans friends have said a few times “Oh it’s harder to meet someone because we’re trans” take a look around it’s hard for people period trans has nothing to do with it not anymore. It’s hard for all people not just trans and just because your trans, everyone has a hard time meeting people.

Done rant


4 thoughts on “Online Dating Is A Joke!

  1. Men are just spoiled as hell, that’s why…for every good woman who puts her foot down and demands respect there are 4-5 other girls who will give them what they want because their self-esteem isn’t where it should be. Sad but true, and I’m not blaming the girls because our society still raises women to feel desperate without a man and it also teaches men that they can just take whatever they want without giving anything in return, and that’s how it plays out over and over again. The internet makes it so much worse…if there is any way to get more involved in face-to-face meetings rather than online dating, i’d say go for that. Even if it’s something like church (although I am not religious there were always churches I was willing to attend, like Unitarians or something very liberal) or wine tastings, hiking groups, etc. Whatever is out there that you can get into, maybe getting into that would improve the quality of the men you meet. Plus, you’d be able to make even some new female friends and they might have single male friends…LOL. All I know is back in the day, not having the internet as a way to “date” sure outruled a lot of this entitlement men have. It is a lot harder to be that blantant of an asshole when it’s face to face (like asking if your boobs are real, WTF? Are your MANNERS for real, cause if so your mama didn’t raise you right!!).

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