Happy New Year 2016


Another year coming to a close and a new year just around the corner. I don’t believe in resolutions because you normally set your self up for disappointment and end up failing at what ever you set up for your self. However I do have hopes and dreams and goals that I try to reach.

This year has really been an eye opener for me as well as a huge growing experience as a person. I’ve learned not to get walked on by bullies. Standing up for my self and taking a stand. I’ve also learned I’m also quite fragile at times but have also learned I need to not panic as quickly and take a stand for my home. Oh yea moving out onto my own was a huge learning experience and that it’s quite different when living alone with no roommate or family member just you and your dog. And that at some point I can see owning a bigger pooch.

I also know one does not need to go over board with working out. I went from working out 7 days a week to taking two months off from my normal workout to just working out 2 days a week and daily walking with Diva. I went from reaching a goal weight to dropping below that. To gaining a little bit more weight but feel good and look healthy where I’m currently at.

I went from having brown hair to blonde and I still have all my hair lol. I also added another tattoo to my body and it’s been 10 years since I got my first tattoo. And I’ll be getting a custom piece done in the new year which I’m super excited about. More on that in another post in the new year. I’ve also learned that writing about crappy dating stories I don’t really enjoy writing about. And from now on will write about more happy times then always the same shit. Cause it gets really annoying to write about. I’ve also learned that if it’s meant to be it will be. And that being single is not all that bad. I would like it tho if guys could not be so intimidated by my height in real life. Sadly I don’t think that will change not any time soon anyways.

My new goals and hopes for 2016 would be to get some part-time work to start. I’d be open to dating someone tall for sure. And someone who meets the qualities I’m looking for. Finish off electrolysis that would be nice. Finally pay off that one credit card I have and get rid of it. Health and happiness for my family and friends and my pooch and my parents pooches. And more fun experiences for my self and good health.

I wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year


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